Gyroflug: A Company that Changed the Aviation World

In the early days of aviation, there were very few companies that produced airplanes. The most famous of these companies was the Wright brothers, who are credited with inventing and flying the first airplane. However, there were other companies that were important in the early days of aviation. One of these companies was Gyroflug, which was founded in Switzerland in 1948.

Gyroflug was founded by two brothers, Max and Werner Bühler. The company started out by producing helicopters, which were a new technology at the time. Gyroflug quickly became a leading producer of helicopters, and the company’s helicopters were used by the military and by civilians all over the world.

In the late 1950s, Gyroflug began to produce fixed-wing aircraft. These aircraft were different than traditional airplanes in that they had a gyroscope installed in them. This gyroscope allowed the aircraft to remain stable in flight, even if the wind conditions were very turbulent.

Gyroflug’s gyroscope-equipped aircraft were very successful, and the company became a leading producer of gyroplanes. Gyroplanes are airplanes that can fly in both forward and reverse directions, which makes them very useful for certain tasks, such as crop-dusting.

Gyroflug’s gyroplanes were so successful that the company was eventually able to move its operations to the United States. In the 1970s, Gyroflug opened a factory in the state of Ohio, and the company began to produce gyroplanes for the American market.

Gyroflug’s gyroplanes were eventually replaced by helicopters, and the company ceased operations in the early 1990s. However, Gyroflug’s legacy lives on, and the company is remembered as one of the most important companies in the early days of aviation.