Radio San Paolo: A Voice of the Community

Since its establishment in 1924, Radio San Paolo has been a consistent and reliable voice of the community. The station has provided a platform for local artists, newsmakers, and community organizations, and has been a valuable resource for listeners in the city of Naples and its surrounding areas.

Radio San Paolo has a long and rich history, dating back to the early days of radio broadcasting. In 1924, the station was founded by Father Gaetano Barbato, and it has been a fixture of the Naples community ever since. The station has always been dedicated to serving the local community, and it has played a vital role in promoting arts and culture, and providing news and information.

Today, Radio San Paolo is still going strong, and it remains a vital source of information and entertainment for listeners in Naples and its surrounding area. The station has a comprehensive programming schedule, which includes a variety of music, talk shows, and news programs. Radio San Paolo is also home to a number of local artists and performers, and it provides a valuable platform for promoting the arts and culture.

For listeners in Naples and its surrounding area, Radio San Paolo is a vital source of information and entertainment. The station has a rich history, and it continues to be a voice of the community.