The Jana Natya Manch: A Revolutionary Theatre Group

The Jana Natya Manch (JNM) is a theatre group in India that was founded in 1972 by Safdar Hashmi. The group is known for its political and social activism, as well as its innovative and experimental theatre productions.

The JNM has been highly influential in Indian theatre and politics, and has been credited with helping to revive the Indian theatre scene in the 1970s. The group’s productions have challenged traditional notions of Indian theatre, and have addressed a variety of social and political issues.

The JNM has also been involved in various social and political campaigns in India, and has been critical of the Indian government’s policies. The group has been particularly vocal in its support of the rights of the poor and the marginalized.

The JNM has also been active in the international theatre community, and has toured extensively in Europe and the United States. The group’s productions have been praised for their artistic excellence and for their ability to engage with audiences on a variety of levels.

The JNM is a highly respected and influential theatre group in India, and has made a significant impact on Indian theatre and politics. The group’s productions are thought-provoking and innovative, and address a range of important social and political issues. The JNM is an important voice in the Indian theatre community, and its work is essential for understanding the social and political landscape of India.