The Life and Times of Leopold Leonard, Count of Thun

Leopold Leonard, Count of Thun was born on November 26th, 1644 in Vienna, Austria. He was the son of Ferdinand III, Holy Roman Emperor and his wife, Maria Anna of Spain. He was a member of the House of Habsburg.

Leopold Leonard was educated at the Jesuit school in Vienna. He then studied at the University of Ingolstadt.

Leopold Leonard married Anna Maria of Pfalz-Neuburg on November 8th, 1667. They had six children:

Ferdinand IV, Holy Roman Emperor

Maria Anna of Austria

Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor

Karl Joseph of Austria

Maria Elisabeth of Austria

Maria Christina of Austria

Leopold Leonard was a member of the Austrian Council of War and the Imperial Hofkriegsrath.

Leopold Leonard died on May 31st, 1704 in Vienna, Austria.