About Talk Ref:

The Internet has changed the way we remember things. We now have a virtually unlimited supply of information at our fingertips. We can access this information anytime, anywhere. This has made us more knowledgeable and more connected than ever before.

Likewise, the valuable things of the Internet disappear from the world at a very fast rate.

When a person dies and no one in the world remembers him, then he truly disappears from the world forever. Things on the Internet disappear if there are no hard drives in any data center to store them, or if they are stored but no search engine can find them.

The Internet generates a lot of information every day, and some of the spam can’t be faulted for disappearing in this way, but what about the valuable information? They build this human information civilization together, should not be reduced to the fate of disappearing.

We are looking for things that are old and valuable, but not in the public eye, and provide them with a backup that will become a unique reference for this website.

This is the reason why Talk Ref was created in the first place.